Stroke recovery and long-term outlook

It’s now just over two years since my stroke. It’s time for an update. Too much time has passed since I’ve posted an update on this blog. Fortunately, the comments on my “Recovery progress after stroke…” thread have been active enough to keep me happy. That activity shows that sharing my story is likely helping others in some small way.

How I’m doing now

I feel very well, physically. My physicians have long-since removed all activity restrictions and have even encouraged me to return to pushing my limits. My stroke recovery is about as complete as it can be at this point. I still shy away from things like roller coasters and anything with potential impacts to the head or neck.  And I will never, ever consider a chiropractic adjustment after learning about the risks of artery dissection and stroke from those “therapies.”

I still have some maintenance meds to take, but the Warfarin (blood thinner) therapy is now a distant memory. Aspirin and the lowest dose of blood pressure medicine is all I routinely take. I don’t ever feel any physical symptoms of the dissection and stroke, but occasionally I feel worried it will happen again. I can’t imagine that not being normal for those who have experienced what I have.

Looking forward

I can truly say I’m lucky. The stroke didn’t do any serious or permanent damage. Perhaps it was a warning sign or wake-up call to care for my health in other ways, which I’ve tried my best to do. Hopefully, I’ll be around for many years to enjoy the love of my family, to provide for them, give them joy, and do some good for others in this world.

There is life after stroke.

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