Unboxing a Dahon folding bike

I was in Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Interactive conference, and I had the good fortune to ride and return with a Dahon Speed Uno folding bicycle. It was shipped directly to Austin to Dahon’s art director, Sean Smith, along with some for other SXSW riders, and then delivered to us at our hotels. Thanks Sean!

Besides being fun to ride, the bike is ridiculously simple to fold and travel with. I love it and plan to use it both locally and while traveling.

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  1. I saw your video and thought it was so funny that you have my father’s name. He is Robert Jolly in Danville, CA.
    Lynn Jolly

    1. Hi David,

      I think there’s some additional (but minimal) setup of a brand new Dahon in the box. My bike was shipped to a Dahon employee in Austin who did the initial assembly, and then I reused the box to send it back to myself. The original assembly, as I was told, was limited to installing the wheels, chain, and probably only a couple of other minor details. The beauty in this bike is its simplicity—there’s very little to assemble or maintain on it.


  2. Hi Robert,
    I stumbled upon your page while looking for DAHON dealers in Austin. I’ve been researching on folding bikes and I really like what people have to say about these bikes. Are you planning on coming down to SXSW next year? Where do you live?


    – Jay

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