Ultra running is definitely a head game

Deb Bosilevac, an ultra runner from Portland, wrote a really cool guest post on Loving the Run today about what her experience has been with motivation and the mental aspects of running in 24 hour events. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who has similar experiences as I’ve had with thoughts, both negative and positive, during multi-hour/overnight events.

This weekend, I’m running in my first ultra of the season, and I hope to draw from ideas posted by Deb and others about how to stay motivated, entertained, and even awake during a 24-hour ultra run. If anyone has any tricks or techniques to share that either work (or don’t) for you, please leave a comment or send me a reply via Twitter.

Unboxing a Dahon folding bike

I was in Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Interactive conference, and I had the good fortune to ride and return with a Dahon Speed Uno folding bicycle. It was shipped directly to Austin to Dahon’s art director, Sean Smith, along with some for other SXSW riders, and then delivered to us at our hotels. Thanks Sean!

Besides being fun to ride, the bike is ridiculously simple to fold and travel with. I love it and plan to use it both locally and while traveling.