Review of Ibex Roaster Wind Briefs

Ibex Roaster Wind Briefs - merino wool
Ibex Roaster Wind Briefs - merino wool

The following product review and associated drivel is made possible by a generous grant of frigid weather from the Great White North.


Baby, it’s cold outside

I went running during one of the coldest , windiest mornings during the East Coast’s recent arctic blast (gee, thanks Canada). Since I’m training for a half Ironman triathlon and don’t particularly enjoy indoor/treadmill running, I decided to bundle up. I’m ok in the cold, and I layer religiously in the winter. This run was no exception. I was sporting poly-pro base layer top and bottom, fleece tights, wool longsleeve top, hat, gloves and windproof jacket. I was set.

Bullshit! The frank and beans disagreed. Wind gusts around 25-35mph made the per-dawn air around my nether regions feel like they were forced to take an ice bath. I pushed on, knowing I wasn’t going to suffer frostbite with the layers and all, but the discomfort made for a short, serious tweet later that morning about needing some windproof undies to protect my junk.

Warmth from the bosom of the Interweb

Keith Anderson (@ibexwool) replied via Twitter, and that nudge was all I needed to make the purchase. Ironically, I had actually looked at those undies earlier in the day, and my one concern was the $40 price tag. What if they didn’t block the wind well, or chaffed me in ways no man should be chaffed?

Based on the quality of the swag Ibex beanie I received at last year’s SXSW Bikehugger Beer and BBQ event, I decided to trust the recommendation and make the purchase. Ordering was easy on Ibex’s site, and my stuff shipped quickly and arrived on-time, just as one expects these days. There were the usual email notices confirming the order, package tracking info, etc. God bless the Interwebs. You know, I could really do well as a shut-in.

Like springtime in the Rockies

I took my first run the morning after the briefs arrived, and I can honestly say my goods and services felt like they were still indoors, within the warm confines of the bed. The temperature was about +15 Fahrenheit with winds blowing around 10mph sustained. Not exactly the coldest, harshest conditions, but nothing to scoff at, either. Not only did I not feel the wind or any cool air under the briefs, but they were really comfortable. It was almost like they weren’t there at all, except for the support that a solid pair of tighty whities gives.

Running in these briefs is like waking up to realize it’s springtime in the Rockies. You just feel great and want to keep moving as a result. And, knowing that these briefs are eco-friendly, sustainably produced, and constructed in the U.S. by what seems to be a great group of individuals gives me an even warmer feeling. I highly recommend the Roaster Wind Briefs to anyone who likes to stay active outdoors in all kinds of foul weather. 

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