SmartyPig goes live!

A little over a year ago, I received a call from a guy named Mike Ferrari who had what sounded like a fantastic idea for a website. Simply put, he wanted to build an online bank offering high-yield savings accounts with a social twist.

Problem solving ideas

With people sliding into debt for small, medium and big ticket items, why not offer a way for people to establish accounts with specific savings goals? And why not allow users to share their goals publicly so that family, friends and even perfect strangers could contribute safely and securely? Couple those ideas with additional discounts offered by best-in-class retailers when savings goals/accounts are redeemed, and that’s an idea a whole lot of people can benefit from.

Our work together

We (Happy Cog) worked with Mike and the team at SmartyPig to refine the banking experience, which is often overly complex and rigid, into a easily understood and pleasing process without forsaking valid security concerns and controls.

About my savings goal

I’ve been working with a highly-regarded, Austin-based bike builder named Whitney Moyer. I decided to set this up as my first public SmartyPig goal. Feel free to contribute as much as you wish to my goal or setup your own account and take advantage of the savings system built with users in mind.

If you want to check out the progress on the bike build, just let me know by commenting below.

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